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Beim Flammrichten werden durch gezielte √∂rtliche Erwärmung Verzüge und Spannungen beseitigt. Flammrichten erfordert viel Geschick und Erfahrung. Beim thermischen Richten (Flammrichten) werden Dehnungs- und Schrumpfungsvorg√§nge genauestens bestimmt.

Mit Flammrichten bearbeitetes Maschinenbauteil The Flame Straightener is a service enterprise with the emphasis in the flame arranging and the industry- and steel assembly. I offer assamblies and production at the customer`s locality.

The work refers to flame straightening, assembly, maintenance and manufacturing of machines as well as high-grade steel products in shipbuilding, steel construction and steel industry. I offer my services with own tools inclusive welding sets, transport vehicle (trailer 2,7t) and a working scaffold. The work service can be offered also as pure service provider for metal work.

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To my person:

I have education as black smith an agricultural machinery mechanic. In later years career/development in flame-straightening. In the professional years also regular implementing of locksmith`s works and industrial assemblies with steel and high-grade steel belonged to. The flaming aligning works referred in the emphasis to the following materials: Steel, high-grade steel and aluminum. The work spectrum includes arranging and deforming with the autogenous flame in the ship and mechanical engineering as well as in the engine fitter range.

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